Getting Rid of Holiday Depression

Please go to the source below if you wish to read the full article on how to get rid of Holiday Depression from Psych Central. Depression is something many people struggle with around the Holiday season. Many times an equine therapy session can be the solution, but when there isn’t time for that you may resort to the following. 

“It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year — but not if negative emotions take hold of your holidays. So let’s be honest. The holidays are packed with stress, and therefore provoke tons of depressionand anxiety.

But there is hope. Whether I’m fretting about something as trite as stocking stuffers or as complicated as managing difficult family relationships, I apply a few rules that I’ve learned over the years.

These 9 rules help me put the joy back into the festivities — or at least keep me from hurling a mistletoe at Santa and landing myself on the “naughty” list.”


Pegasus equine therapy brings counseling to individuals as well as groups! 


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